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    Maggie (sábado, 01 octubre 2011 23:07)

    I used it! and i think it is much better than using tampons and pads. You have to buy so many sanitary pads monthly, but with the menstrual cup, you only need one. and it worked well, even when i was swimming 3 hours a day. it was uncomfortable putting it in at first bc i didnt kow how to do it, and it was awkward to adjust it. but once i got used to it it was better. my friends think it is weird because they use plastic applicators with tampons, so they dont have to get theyre hands messy. and some other girls think it would hurt because they are young virgins and tampons are smaller to put in. but i think the menstrual cup is much more convenient because you only need one, and you dont have to change it as often. thank you! i hope you cell more.

    Maggie, 17, USA

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    copamenstrual (martes, 21 junio 2011 22:16)

    Welcome to my guestbook!
    I am looking forward to your questions and experiences with any kind of menstrual product.
    Miram Pérez Vega